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Written by Matt-le-bron Kepple on Monday, March 13th, 2017

Diana is our fictional Head of IT and here we delve into her story...


Introduction: Diana is in her fifties. She has been at a large charity for five years and currently she is the Head of IT. She enjoys letting people realise the potential that technology offers whether it’s to do with computers, digital equipment or the internet.


Daily Routine: She manages her team of people inside the charity and outside who work on IT related tasks. Sometimes people think that she is simply the person you call when your email isn’t working, but it is more than that. This charity has four different websites.


What frustrates her: People thinking that IT people are really boring and that all they do is solve problems. She knows that technology actually has the power to push things forward but sometimes it can feel like a real battle; for example to implement a new IT system requires adoption of it by staff, but few of the softwares she works with take users into account in the way they could.


What she loves about her job: Solving technical problems and seeing people adopt new technology, especially when those people were sceptical about it at first! Rolling out a new piece of software is often stressful but very rewarding and increases effectiveness.


Priorities: Make sure that everything runs smoothly in technical terms inside the organisation in order to get things moving forward. Free up headspace for her team to research solutions to the technology bottlenecks she finds herself facing and implement them.


Hopes: She hopes that people finally understand that IT is not just about solving problems and that it really has the potential to transform their work. She hopes people to listen her ideas and the things she has to say more often because all she wants is to help!


Fears: She knows that digital equipment and the internet can be unpredictable sometimes. She is afraid of being blamed for all the technical issues that occur within the organization. Especially where she has pushed for a particular software; what if it’s rubbish?


How does the Impact Tracker help? This particular piece of software solves a huge issue the operations team have been facing with collating impact information for funder reports. She knows they use spreadsheets at the moment and that it takes them hours to input all of the information into them. She’s so excited to introduce them to the real-time collection and collation that the Impact Tracker enables and save them that headache!


(Find out more about our Impact Tracker here! ; Click here to Sign Up for a Demo)

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